Aug 16: Foundations of Evaluation, 3rd Workshop

Designing and Conducting Qualitative Evaluations
Wednesday, August 16
9am - 5pm
Beaver Run Resort

This session will focus on designing and conducting focus groups and interviews to answer one or more key evaluation questions. We will discuss the best circumstances to utilize qualitative tools, possible question types, question wording and ordering strategies, facilitation and logistics, and provide an introduction to basic qualitative data analysis.




Sept 6: Advocacy, Lobbying and Philanthropy Workshop

Wednesday, September 6
9am - 11am
Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center

This interactive presentation will provide tools for becoming a trusted source, advocating for your cause and effectively influencing elected officials. The training will cover the guidelines for nonprofit organizations when undertaking advocacy and lobbying activities, including the definitions imposed on organizations by the IRS and the understanding of when advocacy becomes lobbying.




Oct 5: Cultural Competency Training

Thursday, October 5
9am - 1pm
Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center

Executive Directors and a board member are invited to attend. This workshop will increase the understanding by board members and executive directors of culture and diversity and its role on a board of directors.