With your support of the Summit County Cares fund, we were able to raise $577,000, and approved every request to date, with $230,500 in grants going to nonprofits with immediate emergency needs: 

•Builidng Hope: Expansion of Connection programs/therapy
•Summit County Senior Center: Blizzard Box program
•FIRC: Food Bank support
•Advocates for Victims of Assault: Food for shelters and clients
•South Park Food Bank: Food Bank support
•Smart Bellies: Student meals
•Park County Senior Coalition: Senior support
•Summit Community Care Clinic: For uninsured patients. 
•Rocky Mtn Rural Health: Families in Crisis Fund
•CATCH/Keystone Science School: CATCH program expansion

We do anticipate the that the needs of our community will be longstanding and the SCC fund will remain in place to meet those needs in the future. We would like to thank you for your continued support. Your support of the SCC fund makes an immediate difference in our community. 

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