In these uncertain times, many of us have chosen to focus on local issues that we feel we can influence. The issues of the high cost of health care, housing, childcare and protecting our Summit County way of life have never been more important than they are now. Those of us who work in the nonprofit community and spend our time working on these issues feel incredibly fortunate to have the support and guidance of The Summit Foundation. From the building of the new Lake Dillon Theatre, to the CATCH afterschool program; from the Building Hope mental health initiative to support innovative solutions to the housing crisis; from support for energy-efficiency programs, to local food distribution programs, there is virtually no programming in Summit County that doesn't in some way trace back to The Summit Foundation. Their impact is often too large to quantify.

The nonprofits who carry out these community projects are typically recognized, but oftentimes The Summit Foundation's impact goes unnoticed. As a community, we are grateful to The Summit Foundation's trustees that use their expertise to find creative solutions to Summit County's toughest issues. It's the trustees and the staff at The Summit Foundation that are hard at work raising the funds necessary to implement the projects that have the biggest impacts and bring different groups together to create new collaborations that lead to the best long-term results. As a community we are so lucky to have this amazing organization and donors who support their cause. Next time you see a Summit Foundation staff member or trustee please take the time to thank them for everything they do and if you're considering a donation to The Summit Foundation, we hope you realize the impact your gifts have on our community.

Joshua Blanchard
Executive Director
Lake Dillon Theatre Company

Tamara Drangstveit
Executive Director

Ellen Reid
Executive Director
Keystone Science School

Jennifer Schenk
Executive Director
High Country Conservation Center

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