Summit County Cares

Working to raise $50,000 for Summit County’s largest emergency assistance fund

So many in our community are living on very tight budgets and are drastically affected when hours at their jobs are cut or a medical emergency happens that keeps them from working. Last year the Summit County Cares holiday fundraiser brought in over $60,000 and was able to help over 900 locals facing eviction, disconnection of heat or in need of medical care. We are working again this year to raise $50,000 by December 31 to help locals unable to provide the basic needs. The following is a story of a person helped thanks to the Summit County Cares emergency assistance fund:

A local man was unable to work for an extended period of time and was facing the risk of becoming homeless because of a sudden and serious hip problem, which then turned into a staph infection.  Facing homelessness at time when he was nearly immobile because of his medical condition, made this situation even more serious. He reached out to FIRC and the Community Support team was able to help him with two months of rent while he worked with his employer to obtain short-term disability. Once receiving the disability coverage, he was able to pay his next month’s rent. He is now on the path to full recovery and back at work.

100% of donations to Summit County Cares are used to pay rent, utility and medical bills of locals in crisis. The more money we raise, the more people we can help. Please help us make a difference this holiday season.

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When the unexpected happens, Summit County Cares is here to help.

For more information please contact Anita at 970-262-3888 ext. 306 or email