About The Summit Foundation

Established in 1984, The Summit Foundation is a community foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents and guests of Summit County and Neighboring Communities. The Summit Foundation is a fully tax exempt public charity under Section (501)(c)(3) and 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Vision Statement
The Summit Foundation is recognized as the leading philanthropic organization for Summit County and its neighbors.  We are committed to creating ever better mountain communities by providing leadership that results in improving the quality of life for residents.

Board of Trustees
The Summit Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of 30 to 35 individuals. These volunteers are community members from throughout Summit County and neighboring communities.

A full-time professional staff of six individuals administers The Summit Foundation. Operating expenses are paid through the various fundraising sources available to The Foundation.

Putting the Community in Community Foundation
by Steven R. Smith, JD, CFP

What are community foundations?
by Bruce DeBoskey

How can I learn more about The Summit Foundation?
In addition to exploring the information contained throughout this website, The Summit Foundation has various printed materials that provide information to both prospective donors and prospective grantees. Write, call or visit The Foundation for these materials or to meet with a staff member. A request may also be submitted through the Contact Us section.